Nicole Pate

Nicole Pate

Owner, Travel Agent, Destination Wedding Planner

Nicole has been a travel agent for 8 years and is the owner of Dream It See It Travel. She started out in travel, after being a wedding coordinator since 2003, as an avid Disney fan and traveler.    After working at a Disney focused agency for 3 years, Nicole decided to open Dream It See It Travel to broaden her destinations and specialties.  She also contracts a few agents a year to teach them how to be an amazing travel agent.

Nicole's specialities are as following, but she can get you ANYWHERE in the world:

  • Destination Weddings,  Honeymoons & Romance Travel
  • Disney Destinations
  • All Inclusive Resorts
  • Cruises
  • Hawaiian Vacations
  • Packages to Europe
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  1. Do you charge any fees? How do you get paid? 
    1. The broad answer is Yes, but the detailed answer is that it depends on your trip type.
    2. One location?  We don't charge a fee to help you pick and book the location with us.  This could be a package with flight/car/transfers/activities or without.  This is with the understanding that you will book your trip with us, so we can then get a commission from the supplier for booking you.  If you take our info and book on your own, we make no money.
    3. When you book with us, we ask that you agree to a $100 minimum cancel fee, that allows us to make something, in the event that you cancel your trip and we wont get a commission.
    4. If there are multiple destinations, like Europe or Road Trips, there will be a fee for putting together a multidestination proposal and booking for you, to recoup the unpaid time to make sure your trip is perfect!
  2. Can I make payments?
    1. YES, in most cases, when the trip is at least 90 days out, you can make a deposit and then make payments at your convenience to get the trip paid off before the due date.  This is one of the benefits of working with an agent.
  3. Couldn't I just book on my own?
    1. Yep!  You can.  But when you book with a website, you are picking them as your travel agent and what are you getting in return?  A confirmation of your sale.  When you book with us, you have a person to email and call, someone with experience and the backing of bonds, professional associations, training, the backing of a huge host and more.  Plus we actually see you as more than just a sale.
  4. How do we get started, working with you? 
    1. Just fill out one of the quote request forms above and I will contact you in about 2 business days.  We are in high demand and take a little more time than a call center/website would, but I promise we are worth the wait! 



Nicole helped us plan a trip to Yellowstone last year and Disneyland this year. Both trips had many scheduling changes that needed to be made. She took care of everything and was always quick to respond. We will definitely use Nicole for our future trips.

— Heidi 

Nicole Pate of Dream It, See It Travel planned my family's summer vacation to Disney World and Universal Studios. Because of her organization, tips, and expertise, the entire experience was easy and SO FUN for us. Nicole planned the entire trip - park tickets, meal reservations, etc. all based on our specific preferences, and she taught me how to use the apps and services we paid for to make the most of our trip. It could not have been better! I will definitely use Nicole and Dream It, See It Travel for our future trips.

— Mary 

I have now had two family vacations planned for me with Nicole! She does amazing work listens to all your requests and goes above and beyond to meet your needs and make it the most enjoyable vacation ever! I have had everything done for me and all i had to do is arrive at my destination! She is my go to and I have told anyone I know wanting to do a vacation trip to talk to her. If you are looking to make your next vacation the best without all of the stress have Nicole be your personal agent! You will thank me later!!

— Carla

We had a fabulous time on our first European vacay! Being a cruise, this experience was new to us as well and we weren’t  disappointed.  We enjoyed being able to journey to new places every few days and never have to pack and unpack.  Then after a full day of adventure, we could go back and enjoy food, music and rest.  The balcony is a must and was really worth it.  

The ship sailed smooth and we never really new we were at sea.  What a blessing!  Thank you so much for helping us with this vacation and we will be in touch again! 

Our new addiction of cruising begins!


Such a relief to have Nicole take care of everything for our trip! Her thought toward breakfast was VERY much appreciated!! Thank you!!!